“After 20 years together and 16 years in a verbally and mentally abusive marriage, it was obvious therapy with our marriage counselor was getting us nowhere. Thank goodness I found Laura McGee and Leave Strong. She told me exactly what my next steps and goals should be and guided me through a rough emotional patch. She told me things that I could do for myself which saved me money on my lawyer fees. She gave me lists of things to do that no one else ever told me, which made me feel SO empowered. Thank you Laura. Unfortunately I filed a year ago and it’s still not over, but when I need to feel strong I know to contact Laura.”


“I always refer clients facing the challenges of divorce to Laura. I know her experience and expertise will guide them through the process of dealing with lawyers and the courts and her calm and compassionate nature is the perfect antidote to an often emotional charged situation.”


“Laura McGee is awesome! I work with WIFE.org (Women’s Institute for Financial Education) and the service she provides is invaluable. Her understanding of the system, knowledge and experience can literally save you thousands of dollars and years of grief. “


“Laura coached me through my very difficult divorce. She was able to save me heartache, headache, and thousands of dollars with her innate ability to see both the forest and the trees. She knows everything about the personal and legal divorce process and helped me immeasurably to see the real issues. She made sure I was not taken advantage of by the system and motivated me to stay true to myself and be strong through the most difficult time of my life. She was a life saver and my touchstone. I owe Laura so much for the help she gave me.”


“Laura McGee changed the entire future of our family through her passionate support and astute understanding of how to survive divorce trauma. A lot more than, “There, there, tell me how that makes you feel,” she gave incredible advice to my daughter through a time of extreme stress, and tough-loved her through the process. My daughter arrived from Chicago with no money, two kids, and a collapsed marriage. Laura helped guide her into getting the services she needed, but also coached her and negotiated with her husband to get a sustainable “divorced” relationship where the father would meet his obligations to the children he sired. Within a year of feeling that she was a victim, my daughter, through Laura’s help, turned her life and  circumstances around, and I can clearly say it would not have happened without Laura. My daughter had been thinking the most ambitious thing that she could become would be a paralegal. After the boost to self esteem that Laura launched, paralegal? Hell no!–I can become an attorney! This was the gift that Laura gave our family, and I will be forever grateful.”


"I am leaving this review because I want you to know how much she helped me. I did not know 6 months after I met her that I would be going through a horrible divorce (which one isn’t) and that she would be my strength, my clear head, my emotional support and so much more. I look back now and I feel so blessed to have had such a strong, smart, funny, loving and good soul helping me as my coach. Not for revenge, but just to make sure I was looked after when I couldn’t see clearly what needed to be done. I may have eventually become strong on my own, but without her I would not have fought back for what was rightfully mine. You want her on your side. You will meet her as your coach and leave her as your friend.”