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What is Divorce Coaching?

An effective divorce coach is like having a seeing-eye dog as you enter the blinding legal and emotional maze of divorce. He or she will guide you to the shortcuts and keep you from wasting your time, money, and energy on worry and fear-based choices.  A great divorce coach will be able to organize you, focus you, and move you to useful action. Ideally they will be a hub of resources who can refer you to the experts and legal advisors you may need to clarify your expectations. A divorce coach should offer a safe, confidential place to stratgize, plan, and sometimes just think out loud. You planned your wedding didn't you? Don't you think you should plan your divorce? 

What will your Divorce Coaching cost?

You can complete your divorce coaching on an hourly basis. Laura's rate is $275/hour. 

Why Laura McGee?

Laura is uniquely qualified as a divorce coach: she has legal experience as a former trial lawyer, teaches mediation training, mentors other mediators, and personally mediates 60+ divorces per year (over 500 divorces to date). Those who hire Laura as their divorce coach are accessing 36 years of her professional expertise and life-earned wisdom.

Clients who hire Laura as their divorce coach come with a variety of needs:

  • Some are in the contemplation stage of divorce and are seeking a confidential place to get prepared for the chaos and potential conflict 

  • Some want help approaching their spouse with a goal of mediating a conflict-managed divorce

  • Some may be working with another mediator and want help finding their voice

  • Some are using attorneys to litigate their divorce and want to keep their costs down  

Those who work with Laura access the collective wisdom she has gained working as an attorney, mediator, and coach. With Laura as your "seeing-eye dog" you can avoid the costly mistakes others come to regret.

Laura does not replace the need for an attorney, but she will replace your dependence upon an attorney and accelerate you through your divorce process. 

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