What are Leave Strong's additional services?

Summary Dissolution

Summary dissolutions cost a flat fee of $1,200 with a filing, postage, and misc. fee of $500. 

Document Only Divorce ("Simple Divorce")

A "Simple Divorce" is a document only divorce that does not require the assistance of a mediator for any unresolved issues. Simple divorces cost a flat fee of $2,000 with a filing, postage, and misc. fee of $500. 

Paternity & Parent Planning

If you and your partner never married, but share children, Laura offers Mediation services that can include a formalized Paternity action with a Stipulated Agreement that turns your child support agreement and detailed parent plan into a court order without the costs and delay of litigation.  Some couples prefer an informal but detailed parenting plan; Laura can facilitate that process too. Find out which option is a fit for your circumstances by scheduling a complimentary Discovery session with your co-parent today.


Post-Judgment Modifications

There is no need to go through the slow and costly court process to modify your existing Judgment for child support, custody, or spousal support. Even if you litigated your divorce, mediating a modification is still your best option. Mediation with Laura is both time and cost efficient. In most cases, couples are able to agree to their modifications in one or two, 2-hour mediation sessions. Laura drafts and files the Stipulated Modification with the court and your new agreement is in place in a matter of weeks.

Small Group Mediation Trainings

Laura McGee started her training as a Mediator in the late 1990s. She has not only accumulated over 350 hours of training in her profession she has been invited to facilitate numerous workshops, seminars, as well as large and small group trainings for those wanting to build skills as a mediator. In her personal practice as a divorce mediator Laura has facilitated over 6,000 mediations. She has developed a sought-after style that streamlines the process for the clients and results in an over 95% settlement rate for her clients. The tips, tools and strategies Laura trains others to master has been key to the success of many emerging mediators. You can form your own group of 4 or more and set up a private training or sign-up for Laura's next workshop.

Military Discount


Leave Strong Divorce Services offers 20% off for active military, veterans, and their spouses.