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What is Divorce Mediation?​


Mediation is a cost-conscious, private, high integrity alternative to a litigated divorce. When couples choose to mediate their divorce, they not only avoid the costly and slow moving court system, they have the opportunity to negotiate a divorce settlement that is customized to their circumstances. They stay in control of their family plan.


Couples experience a deep sense of accomplishment and typically greater empathy for one another when they come to the table and work through what could have been barriers to settlement. If you and your spouse are looking for a conflict-managed way to end your marriage, mediation with Laura McGee will save you thousands of dollars in legal fees and accelerate you through your divorce process.​ Laura will ensure you are each fully prepared before you begin your mediation, so no time is wasted. Together you will set an agenda, strengthen and confirm areas of agreement, and mediate those issues that still need resolution or fine-tuning.


Laura fills out the required divorce paperwork and drafts your Marital Settlement Agreement as part of your divorce mediation process. You will never have to appear in court.​​


What will your Divorce Mediation cost?


Leave Strong offers two flat-fee options with no upfront retainer that fit the needs of most divorcing couples. ​Couples divorcing with minor children pay a flat fee of $6000, and couples without minor children pay a flat fee of $4,800.  During your Discovery Session Laura McGee will be able to give you a price quote so that you can plan your costs.​​

Can I do Divorce Mediation sessions at an hourly rate?

Yes. If you need only a few hours of mediation or have a post-divorce modification, you can pay for Laura's mediation services at an hourly rate of $350/hour.


What does Leave Strong Divorce Mediation not include?


​1) The filing and e-filing fees, postage and miscellaneous hard costs. These are billed at a flat-rate of of $500


2) You may need other experts to help you value your assets or liabilities. You may have an independent legal advisor or divorce coach, and you may need a QDRO (Qualified Domestic Relations Order) to divide your retirement. These types of expenses are not part of mediation flat-fee, but even these costs can be managed, as Laura can refer you to her trusted resources to keep your costs under control.​


Is Divorce Mediation Right for Me?​


Divorce mediation with Leave Strong Divorce Services is designed for couples searching for a conflict-managed, cost-conscious way to divorce. Laura can work with you if at least one spouse resides in California.

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