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The Leave Strong Divorce Process Explained

Watch this video for an overview of the divorce mediation process in California. When you are working towards an uncontested divorce with an Agreement with Leave Strong Divorce Services these are the steps, the forms, the financial disclosure requirements, the factors that are considered when calculating child and spousal support, and insight into how long this whole process will take.

Step 1: Start Here

Confidential Divorce Mediation Questionnaire

This is the first form you will fill out if you are beginning your mediation process with Leave Strong. This is the data needed for us to prepare your initial pleadings. Only one of you needs to fill this out. However, you may need to work together since it includes detailed information about both of you. Your completed form will be delivered to my inbox.

Step 2: Preliminary Declarations of Disclosure

This is the master form to which you "attach" all other forms and information. I will provide you with a statement of material facts. I will set up a shared Google Drive file where you will upload all supporting documents required by each form.

FL-140: Declaration of Disclosure

FL-142: Schedule of Assets and Debts 

Each party is required to fully disclose all of their assets and debts. The FL-142 operates like a table of contents for what you are disclosing. Each asset or debt you disclose will require documentary proof of how you arrived at your valuation. For example, if you list real estate as an asset, you will need to provide a copy of your current mortgage and/or your HELOC, and a market valuation showing how you arrived at the current valuation. Plan to fill this out in one step or you may lose your work.

FL-150: Income and Expense Declaration 

Each party is required to fill out an income and expense declaration. All sources of income should be listed on page 2 and you will attach your pay stubs or your Schedule C depending on your sources of income. If spousal support is an issue skip page 3 and, replace it by filling out a much more detailed budget worksheet using the optional budget worksheet below. 

Optional Budget Worksheet (Replaces Page 3 of FL-150)

In preparation for mediation, each spouse will need to fill out a detailed budget including current living expenses and proposed living expenses. You can download this excel form, and it will allow you to update if as needed.

Step 3: Post-Divorce

Change of Name Checklist

Click the button below to download a checklist of the steps you will need to complete your name change post divorce. If you are working with Leave Strong, Laura will request the name change as part of your Judgment for Dissolution. 

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