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Searching For Divorce Mediators Near Me? Five Things To Keep In Mind

When you're thinking about using mediation to resolve your divorce, it's likely that you're looking for a solution that makes the process of divorce as simple as possible. If you’re asking, “Can I mediate my divorce?” the answer is usually very simple. If you and your spouse want a conflict managed, cost-conscious, private, and efficient divorce process, one that saves time, stress, and money, divorce through mediation is right for you.


Once you have decided you want to mediate your divorce the next step is to find the right mediator. This is important - you want someone you and your spouse both feel comfortable working with. While Leave Strong Divorce Services is here to work with couples throughout San Diego County, you should evaluate the skills of the divorce mediators near you, so you know the options available to you. Take a look at these four steps for choosing the right mediator for your situation:

  • Step 1: Gather Potential Candidates - First gather 2-3 mediator options with your spouse’s involvement. I suggest you each ask for recommendations from trusted sources such as your therapist or someone whose judgment you value and who has experience with a mediator. Next, research your mediator options by looking up his or her client testimonials and peer-to-peer reviews on LinkedIn, Google+, Yelp. Go to his or her website and evaluate if it is transparent and user friendly. Does it have an organized professional feel? If they have blogs, read them to gain a sense of their professional quality. Get to know who you plan to meet ahead of time.

  • Step 2: Book Interviews - Once you’ve narrowed your options, it’s time to set up face-to face or Zoom interviews with each potential candidate. It’s best if you and your spouse can go together. I offer a complimentary 30 minute Discovery Session for this purpose, but not all mediators offer this option. Find out in advance if the interview process has a fee attached.

  • Step 3: Interview Preparation - Prepare for the interview process. You want to know how this mediator is going to work with both of you. Remember, you are interviewing the candidates to perform the task of facilitating your negotiations in a cost-conscious, conflict and time managed way. You may have some concerns specific to your family dynamic such as a special needs child, complex assets, undocumented income, addictions, or other behavioral challenges that will need to be addressed in mediation. Like any good interviewer you need to know what the signs are that you have found the right candidate to mediate your divorce. In particular, make sure you feel listened to, that their office feels like a comfortable, confidential, and safe space.

  • Step 4: The Interviews - Once you have your interview checklist ready, it’s time to meet the mediators and ask vital questions. While some specifics will vary from situation to situation, there are certain questions you should be sure to keep in mind. Ask them about their training, and how much experience they have as a divorce mediator. Ask if you use a consulting attorney or if you prefer if you can mediate without using an attorney. Ask if their practice is dedicated to divorce mediation, or if they spread their practice out and offer other services. Some Attorney mediators still work as litigators and may have schedules you have to work into due to urgent last minute requirements they appear in court. Find out who will work on your file and if there is staff will you be billed extra for their work? Be sure to ask about their method of billing. I work on a flat fee model because I believe that billing hourly to help you resolve conflict can put me in a conflict of interest with you.  How is a mediator truly motivated to streamline your process and make it both time and cost efficient if they are paid by the hour?


Mediation is an opportunity to divorce with privacy and dignity, and definitely worth exploring. If you are searching for mediators near me and are interested in a divorce through mediation, Leave Strong Divorce Services is here to help. Book a complimentary Discovery Session today to learn more about how I can help you through your divorce process.

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