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Divorce Coaching

Divorce Coaching: Help Through The Transition

Divorce can feel overwhelming in a number of different ways. From paperwork to emotional decisions, it is helpful to have someone who can give you professional support to navigate the end of your marriage. Using a divorce coaching specialist, like Laura McGee at Leave Strong Divorce Services is like having a seeing-eye dog to guide you through this otherwise dark legal maze. 

There are different kinds of divorce coaches, some focus on helping you with coping skills or post-divorce transition to life after divorce. Laura offers a unique blend of strategic planning, parent planning, and support to elevate your communication skills so you can confidently negotiate like a pro. When you choose a divorce coaching specialist like Laura you gain access to her years of training and experience as both a trial lawyer and a divorce mediator. Who better to help you craft your proposals and prepare you to negotiate than a skilled former trial attorney and a trained mediator? 

When you are planning your divorce you will also discover you need a range of other professionals to help you value assets, and think through the financial information you are collecting and sharing; Laura offers access to her fully vetted hub of experts so you don’t have to interview a vast array of professionals in each field to assist you.  Just like in sports, an excellent divorce coach does not get on the field and play the game, he or she prepares the player to perform at his or her peak and in the case of divorce supports the divorcing client from behind the scenes.

Just as you would plan any life event, it's important to understand what you're getting into when you plan a divorce. You planned your wedding, didn’t you? Shouldn’t you plan your divorce? This is going to be forever. 

By starting divorce coaching, you get to work with a specialist who has seen all sides of divorce and understands what you need to do to protect yourself and your family. 


A divorce coach should offer a safe, confidential place to strategize, plan and sometimes just think out loud. You can get an idea of how the process works, get advice on how to approach your spouse, hone your communication and negotiation skills, and find out more about what moving forward with either mediation or a litigated divorce might look like. While Laura is both a mediator and a coach, she can only act in one of those roles for you, to prevent potential bias during mediation. If you choose Laura as your divorce coach she will help you find a divorce  mediator that is right for you.

If you are thinking about ending your marriage, now is the time to talk to someone who is an expert in divorce coaching. Build a plan, set your expectations, grow strong enough to negotiate on your own behalf. Reach out to Leave Strong Divorce Services today. To learn more about how divorce coaching can give you the support you need throughout this difficult time book a complimentary Discovery Session with Laura McGee.

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