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What kinds of Divorce Services are available if you want a divorce and don't want to go broke?

If you and your spouse have made the decision to end your marriage and you are searching for the best divorce mediators near me or unbundled divorce services; perhaps you only need document preparation. Here at Leave Strong Divorce Services, we offer a range of options to fit your needs and your budget.  ​ Divorce can be expensive, and it makes sense that you are searching for a cheap divorce service, but we know that you do not really want your divorce cheaply done, you just don’t want to burn through your hard-earned life’s savings to get divorced. It's important to note that searching for a cheap divorce may lead you to divorce services that look like a deal, but they may not be all that cost-effective in the end. First of all, are they offering a flat fee or just a teaser rate to pull you in and get you started? If they are not a full-service divorce service you will have a range of add-on expenses.  Most cheap divorce services do not include help resolving all of your issues, like how to calculate support, how to create a detailed parent plan, how to swap assets in an equitable way and so much more. You may, in the long run, end up spending so much more than you needed to.  ​ Mediation is a great way to solve all of the issues between you and your spouse while saving you both most of the hefty  costs associated with a litigated divorce and the unforeseen costs of a “cheap divorce.” Mediation is thousands of dollars less than a traditional divorce, and it allows you to work together with your spouse to decide what makes the most sense for your family. By negotiating your own agreement with the help of a skilled mediator, most couples leave with a sense of true accomplishment and they can feel proud that they divorced without going broke; emotionally or financially. If you have not considered mediation as a cheap and effective way to divorce now may be the time to explore this option with your spouse. ​ At Leave Strong Divorce Services, Laura McGee has been working for years to help couples navigate the divorce process in a cost-conscious ,annere. Laura has a knack for helping her clients communicate through the conflict, chaos, and stress of divorce, Just read her reviews, Laura McGee is highly regarded by her clients and professional colleagues as one of the best divorce mediators near me. Reach out to Laura today and schedule a complimentary Discovery Session to learn more about how Laura  can help you and your spouse end your marriage in a way that saves time, stress, and money.

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