Divorce Mediation
Divorce mediation with Laura McGee JD

Most couples working with Leave Strong complete their mediation in 3-5 months and are divorced 6 months after getting started. When you mediate you avoid the slow moving court process, the stress of going to court, and you remain in control of your divorce process. Even those with complex assets or challenging parenting concerns can mediate, they just need the right mediator.

Mediation with Laura McGee is right for you and your spouse if you want:

  • to save money

  • to reduce the stress of divorce

  • to build a healthy co-parenting relationship

  • help managing potential conflict

  • a fast comprehensive process

Divorce Coaching
Divorce coaching with Laura McGee JD

Divorce coaching with Laura McGee is an opportunity to maintain your privacy while you work through all of the considerations that go into deciding if, or when, to divorce. Some of you may already be divorcing. Laura’s professional expertise means you have the informed support you can rely upon as you are faced with the demands of making proposals and decisions through the inevitable chaotic thinking of divorce.


Divorce Coaching with Laura McGee is right for you if you want:

  • privacy while in the contemplation stage

  • a high integrity plan of action

  • insight into what life after divorce looks like

  • cost-effective support during your divorce process

  • assistance getting strategy and organization