Laura's inspiration for creating Leave Strong Divorce Services in 2011 was her own costly experience with a traditional litigated divorce in North County. Her search for cost-effective divorce support turned up few options, so she decided to put her years of legal training and personal experience to work for others by establishing the kinds of divorce services she had been seeking.

Laura graduated from law school in 1984 and spent the first 20 years of her career as a trial attorney in Vancouver, Canada. Drawn to the many benefits of mediation for her clients, she began her training as a mediator in the mid 1990s.

Since her journey as a mediator began Laura has accumulated over 300 hours of professional training and remains an enthusiastic student of both her craft and the law. Laura is not only sought after by local clients who want a cost and conflict managed divorce, but other mediators also turn to her as a mentor, trainer, and valued resource.  


Laura mediates over 60 divorces a year for couples in the San Diego area and coaches individuals contemplating divorce or using other mediators so they are prepared for their negotiations ahead.